Weak ties

By cultivating rich social networks, by cultivating weak ties, not just close ties but the weak ties, by becoming connectors and by connecting others so that they connect us, we create a world in which these self-amplifying feedback loops feed on top of each other.Jason Silva

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the term of weak ties and how this phenomena implies to you.To be honest I didn’t know much either until I have read the book”The power of habits”by Charles Duhigg.

Duhigg arguably describes Granovetter’s theory of weak ties as the most fascinating form of networking which give you the benefits of being introduced to the new people which may help you in landing a job. Granovetter analogizes weak ties to being bridges which allow us to disseminate and get access to information that we might not otherwise have access to. In fact, Granovetter states, “all bridges are weak ties.”So my question here,is LinkedIn a form of weak tie?I could say that depends of the level of connection you establish on your network.If you are just a network fanatic and willing to build a network based on numbers then the weak tie is not applicable to you at all.However if you take the time to build up a strong connection  I could say  weak tie could be easily related to you.We all have friends and acquaintances.On another hands our friends have their friends too which often create a web of connections hence our acquaintances are far less likely to know each other. Blimey,it seems the web is expanding and our information often comes from wider sources.Therein I more likely to find information from my weak ties rather then from my close connection.Duhigg described the weak ties are also a method which could develop gossip as such or even political movement and I quote:”Our weak ties acquaintances are often as influential if not more than our close friends.As Granovetter wrote:Individual with few weak ties will be deprived of information from distant parts of the social system and will be confined to the provincial news and views of their close friends.This deprivation will not only insulate them from the latest ideas and fashions but may put them in a disadvantage position in the labor market,where advancement can depend..on knowing about appropriate jobs opening at just about right time.Furthermore such individuals may be difficult to organise or integrate into any political movement of any kind…while members of one of two clique may be efficiently recruited,the problem is that,without weak ties,any momentum generated in this way does not spread beyond this clique.As a result most of the population will be untouched.”I believe in communicating through the weak ties we need explicit language which is well understood by everyone.Therefore the more weak ties we have,the more connected to the world we are and we are more likely to get information about new jobs which are going on in the market,new trends which are good for your career development and progression,new ideas which could help you with your entrepreneurial skills or even with your leadership status quo.My thoughts are that we need weak ties regardless what.As for me I always complement open mind individual which use LinkedIn as a learning tool.Networking created in vague isn’t enough to create a movement and is not able at all to place you on the market.But when the strong ties of friendship and the weak ties of LinkedIn merge they create incredible moments.And then its the time when change can begin.

Be a weak tie ambassador.Be professional,ethical and willing to contribute as you never know what weak ties could bring.


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