Life scripts

According to Eric Berne:

Nearly all human activity is programmed by an ongoing script dating from early childhood,so that the feeling of autonomy is nearly always an illusion-an illusion which is the greatest affliction of the human race because it makes awareness,honesty,creativity,and intimacy possible for only a few fortunate individuals.For the rest of humanity,other people are seen mainly as objects to be manipulated.They must be invited,persuaded,seduced,bribed or forced into playing the proper roles to reinforce the protagonists position and fulfill his script and his preoccupation with these efforts keeps him from torquing in the real world and his own possibilities.

Fair enough.But we all are born as something new and unique,something that never existed before however life scripts often overestimate the sense of autonomy and ditched the individuality of a person.All of us have psychological scripts,a compulsion to live out the pre-programmed life and therefore by having a very complex personality we create a need to fit into a category which is pre-determined by the society we live ,by family and even by cultural boundaries .There are core conceptual framework which is divided into three categories wherein involve personal identity and destiny eg who I am,What I am doing here and who are all those others?

The concept is interesting as involves lots of self discovery and not in all cases people are very pleased to discover their abilities,strengths and weaknesses.Through life spam people messages are defined and contain varying degrees of destructiveness or to the opposite get constructive behavior which make them to build a successful life. The goals setting enhanced our abilities to search,discover,to learn to develop ,to experience and express.However manipulative roles are parts of rackets and games that contribute to the person scripts.There are drama,role playing and self analysis.But to make someone to change we need to explore our endless possibilities.To sum up I want to say that not everyone is a winner nor everyone is a loser but there is balance,control,motivation and for some ,comfort.

Nevertheless life scripts are simple and my advice …take your life in your own hands and enjoy your best… is a journey and not a destination.


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