I am the cherry on top

Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been optional in the past, but it’s pretty much the whole game today.

Gary Hamel

There are lots of articles about talent management and how to retain talent within the  organisation.Today I started to read a book about coaching and management and in particular on how to succeed by surrounding ourselves with the best.The book is called “Its not the How or the What but the Who by Claudio Fernandez Araoz.

I found the book very interesting not because I like to read a lot  but in many parts because the book has a brilliant perspective into the forth era of people decisions especially when hiring is concerned.As managers and ultimately recruiters we need to have the astute attitude to make the most coloquial choices  in regards to acquire the best and not at last to retain the talent.Often lots of managers marshal their experience in front of the new recruits in order to get and groom the best talent.However the question lie beyond my imagination because the adagio of recruitment is kind pf comprehensive astute.We all know that employees are the company’s best asset and their are our competitive advantage.They are the ones who are part of company  mission but also the ones who steer the wheel and drive  the company forward.They are the jewel in the crown however I am thinking more about the decision of finding and retaining the raw talent in order to match the candidates with the organisational value.Araoz’s book fulfilled my need by all means.As a recruiter I don’t look for menace but rather for fast career progression.I look also for the proper thinking hat phenomenon when people are able to innovate and think outside the box.Araoz describes Jack Welsh’s strategy that there is a need to get religious about best practices in talent acqusition and the best top talent spotters would stay in the rotation while the worst sat on the bench.This strategy is simply called HBA and its defined by Hiring batting average phase.According to the Bloomberg magazine the HBA can really improve the chances of hiring right under high-pressure, high-speed circumstances.

I cited :

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS. Every candidate for a job at your company must be interviewed by at least three people in the organization beyond the hiring manager, and each interviewer must sign off with a “Hire” or “Don’t Hire” vote. No maybes allowed. Fast-forward six months. Every new hire gets evaluated by his manager on how he has performed against expectations: below, meets, or exceeds. Soon enough, and with enough critical mass, you can start to compare every interviewer’s “Hire” recommendations with actual performance.

Along with improving hiring effectiveness, the HBA also delivers two other powerful benefits. At the front end, it has a way of getting current employees to actually engage—brain and soul—in the interview process. The fact is, the last thing busy employees want to do is sit down for a half-hour with some random candidate. After a while, all the shiny faces begin to look and sound the same. But if employees know they will ultimately be held accountable for their verdicts—with a hard number, no less—interviews go from chit-chat to real conversation.

After the hiring, the HBA has a way of motivating interviewers to stay in closer contact with the people to whom they’ve given their “Hire” stamp, even prompting ad-hoc mentoring relationships. That’s a win-win, for the new hire and the company.

A caveat, though: Like every management process, HBA can be gamed. To pump up their average, some managers might try to lower their number of “yes” votes or not take risks on exciting or bold candidates who might be great—or awful. The best way around such abuse is to monitor it closely, just as you should with any measurement system.”

The article is right though.Although our guts tell us to fight the inertia and allow us to make hearty decision I think we should learn to be able to differentiate  the wheats from the chaff,well rhetorically speaking.I am looking forward for everyone comments ..

How do you hire and retain talent?Do you use the HBA tool?And how you encourage and develop success?


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