DISC-over yourself

Do you want  to know more about your profile?Take the DISC test.

Your core values influence the way you think,act,communicate with other people- and make decision.

Bev James

I am reading a book called “Do it or Ditch It” by Bev James and I thought that it’s a good practice to share some good examples which Bev described in her book.

DISC is a personality profiling technique that was developed by Dr.William Marsden.DISC is an amazing tool which can be used when needed to assist with decision making process, team building and negotiation.

DISC is an acronym based on four personality grouping:Dominant,Influencing,Steady and Compliant.

I quote:

Dominant people are outgoing and task orientated-styles like to take action and take charge.

D-styles will solve problems and respond to challenges aggressively.

D-styles are the dominant members of the team. Their greatest fears are being taken advantage of or failure.

Quite forcible characters, they will tell people what to do in a very direct fashion and under pressure may not be very sensitive to others’ feelings.

D-styles are motivated by result, power and authority.

Influencing people are outgoing and people orientated.

I-styles are influencers and like to interact and persuade others.

I-styles are creative and inspirational and often flamboyant.

I-Styles become active, verbal and persuasive when faced with problems. Their greatest fear is rejection and loss of popularity. They are motivated by praise and public recognition.

I-styles like to have plenty of option.

Steady people are reserved and people orientated.

S-styles are the steady and stable members of the team.

S-styles are supportive of others and they can often be very sensitive.

S-styles tend to prefer an ordered pace and to start and complete one project at the time.

S-styles can be resistant to change, especially if they can see a reason for it, their greatest fear is loss of security or change for changes’ sake.

S-styles may be the organizers on the team.

Compliant people are reserved and task orientated.

C-styles are cautious in approach and are often highly competent.

C-styles are the analyzers of the team.Their greatest fear are criticism and conflict.

C-styles base their decision on evidence and respect the official line.

C-styles like to manage by rules and regulations set by others.


The DISC philosophy: Wherever there is agreement there is power.

Well, folks, I have to mention to you that I took the test and I am definitely a Dominant style. I thought I was but not very certain. Knowing the test gives a predictability of 90% I decided to give a try. And as  Peter Drucker used to say that culture eats strategy for breakfast ,well guys we eat knowledge for breakfast for sure. There is so much to learn. Nevertheless the book is an ave to self-discovery tool, a tool which will help you to equilibrate and balance your work balance. So feel free to use the tool either for work or in personal life.

If you ever wonder what I use at work I can tell you that I like to blend all 4 styles all together to create the best dynamic team. And it work amazingly well. My team is the best and I am not blabbing at all.


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