How effective is your team?

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie

Nowadays creating the best team requires lots of commitment,knowledge ,passion and patience.Will a group of extremely talented individuals, brought together from diverse backgrounds, gel into an effective team? The underlying premise is that its not enough to blend some individual to a team but to align them towards goals which underpin great values,potential,talent,high competence and hard working and not at last have the willingness to embrace change when it occurs.However bringing together new people to the old team could create office politics ,unchained the team dynamics and bring lots of issues towards the culture change.Hence how the team interacts is at least as vital. And as you know the quote :the more the merrier,well this doesn’t applies when come to people.

But don’t believe the popular myths that groups of all ages don’t work.Of course they do work very well especially when a good leader structure and lead them properly.Although having a structure in place helps a lot ,getting buy ins from the team is important because they are the ones who create and work towards team effectiveness.

According to the Zehner’s model they are identified six keys to team effectiveness:

Alignment. Shared beliefs and goals effectively focus the actions of all members.

Efficiency. The team optimizes resources to achieve results through calculated trade-offs and disciplined management processes.

Resilience. Mutual trust and respect support constructive resolution of issues and help the team perform well under pressure.

Energy. The team is energized by working together, is proactive and sustains momentum.

Openness. As it shapes and executes strategy, the team stays keenly attuned and responsive to the broader organization and outside world.

Balance. Within the team, diversity of relevant skills, styles and perspectives is valued and effectively leveraged.

My approach is to make sure that all team feel empowered.They all need to feel included and fully understand their roles in order for team to be effective.I also introduced a focus on knowing my team in order to let them to take accountability of their  roles and be able to design and innovate the service.One of the biggest focus is scrapping the old phenomena that change comes from the leaders or from the top however we utilise the status quo and we use to say that effectiveness comes from team work and it comes from within.As long we utilise open communication at all level and cascade the information appropriately the wheel of effectiveness makes wonder.


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