Since   I grew tired of the chase
And search, I learned to find;
And since the wind blows in my face,
I sail with every wind.”
                                                                      Friedrich   Nietzsche



Dreams are so compelling, and they often seem so weird and strange — surely they must have a “purpose”; that is, an “adaptive role” in the maintenance of our bodily or psychological health.I do believe that its good to dream.  But why do we have to dream?Why do we dream? People have always been fascinated by their ‘secret’ night-time journeys. Dreaming itself is not a restful activity. Dreaming is called ‘paradoxical sleep’ because brain wave patterns are similar to those of the brain when completely awake.Dreaming is a state of arousal.As far as much of your brain is concerned, your dream is real. So adrenaline and other stress hormones in your system will be active in the body.This is a double edged sword, because over-dreaming, as well as using up these hormones and energy, is actually making it harder for the body to make more. As you try to flush out the incomplete emotions, you spend more time in REM sleep, and therefore less time in deep sleep, when your body should be recuperating in preparation for producing these hormones for the next day. But how can we go back to our senses when these things are happening? I am talking about stress, problems and pressures. I bet all of you have encountered the same and you have various approaches to conquer it. But I also have my way in overcoming such predicament.

Incomplete emotions ,heh..true …I daydreamt of the perfect place …I dreamt that I lived somewhere nice  and spent some quality time with my close ones  at some exotic and beautiful location.The location  was unexpectedly planned  but I  immersed myself within my new role  and embarked with a special bonding in my new life by forgetting about the rest of the world.

I dreamt that I had a spacious villa that was nestled amidst the lush vegetation along the unknown. The villa has been equipped with all the latest facilities and amenities required for a comfortable and luxurious stay. Right from satellite TV to video and from refrigerator to tea and coffee making machine, all essential equipment of every-day use.  I fell in love with everything so I decided to stay. I ended up helping villagers but in the same time I experienced dazzling sunset and an inner peace. I were dazzled into a tranquillity which appears itself quite exhilarating  and the location just added  a touch of exoticism that is hard to find . I just loved the village life .Although I were an workaholic  it seemed that I was cured by my addiction .in there I had more time for everything .Village life was  the happiest compromise between the natural and the artificial. It was a merry game between human beings and nature. Hence, I found what I was looking for. My search has got to an end .I found home .That village was a panorama of the charming scenes of nature. The scenery of the changing seasons has a profound effect on the village life. It brought a divine touch into human mind. I found peace in there. Hence, the village life was full of divine beauty. I prayed to my Creator .My dream made my life accessible as well a perfectly attainable escape. There was also my ultimate escape. I fell in love with that place. I was there … I belong in there .I found the chores and work were more gratifying as I’ve done them for myself then just working for others .The enjoyment could not be expressed .The sense of belonging was something I didn’t discuss with anyone because no –one could understand why Ive done that .I escaped …and I’ve just loved the feeling.

Life in there was plain and simple. Villagers were content with the necessities of life. They had no liking for luxury. They managed with a few pieces of clothes. They prefer the plain food. They discharge their social duties in the simplest manner possible. I started to help them as my Creator was very generous to me. Although I led an affluent life it seemed that in there I didn’t need much .I found love. I learnt to love others and ultimately I learned to love myself. I had everything I wanted  to make me happy ..




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