One minute you’re young and beautiful and the next you’re trapped in a marriage with kids and a full time job. For most people, this is a wonderful experience however when life became hard to bear  everything else start to fall apart. And it happens that fast. Sometimes so fast that you can’t even attempt to find solutions .Day turns into months, months turns into years, babies turned into toddlers, toddlers tuned into teenagers and soon you end up realizing that you don’t own your life anymore. The,, me’’ time became non- existent and suddenly you become a non-grata person. Well ,well ,well …time to do something about …But WHAT,,,and how ?How could I escape ?Is there any ways to do that ?While I would like to answer “Are you kidding?” I have, instead, decided to list just a few reasons why “the escape “‘idea  become the best thought I ever had. Women are great and as I am looking around I can see they are not oppressed anymore .They are married, they have kids but they have a life of their own ….They have a personality and they have a voice .Behind every great man is a great woman’. I have often wondered why it took centuries for people to understand the truth of this statement. It is not meant to undermine the abilities nor the intelligence of a man, but it stands as a reminder that the female presence is often forgotten. More importantly, they too are stepping into the spotlight alongside their spouse in order to promote and encourage this greatness.

As a woman you should dare and attempt to thwart your abduction and seek for freedom .If you can escape the initial abduction attempt, your ordeal ends right there To freed yourself you need to be able to look after yourself, you need to become independent. However, the first attempt could be quiet challenging  and if you fail to make it through  you become very doubtful about the whole situation. While in many cases, the potential for immediate escape outweighs the danger of resistance, there are times where escape is not realistic and therefore not worth the risk. Think rationally and be cooperative in this sort of situation. Do you want a better situation for yourself or you feel happy with the current situation .In the end of the day changes lay in your hand .You are the one who is able to make this change happen. Some women decide to pursue a career other to immigrate to make a better life for them and their family. If this is the case and there are others around you, this is the best time to fight back in a way that will gain others’ attention and perhaps provide you with their help. Sometime this could become the scary bit as you don’t know what the future lay ahead you. Keep a survival attitude. Be positive. Remember, most women made it –the odds are with you. That said, you should prepare yourself for a long struggle. Some women have failed, but they kept a positive attitude, played their cards right, and were eventually freed. Take it one day at a time.

Stay mentally active. Think about what you’ll do when you will make it .think about your life and how your life could be if you really succeed in life. Better job, better money and each woman could have her own wishing list, this list could be endless. Plan ahead .Do these things consciously, and you won’t be going crazy–you’ll be keeping yourself sane. It’s important challenge your mind so you can remain sane, but also so you can think rationally about your problems, about escape of your worries.. Get back to school ,learn a new language ,learn to cook ,learn something new ; do whatever you can to keep yourself occupied and mentally sharp.. When is the right time to escape? Sometimes it’s safest to just wait to be freed or rescued. Are you believe in fairytale?Are you waiting for the right millionaire to rescue you ?Come on,girl !You’re better than that !!!!However, if the perfect situation presents itself–if you have a solid plan and are almost certain that you can successfully escape–you should take advantage of the opportunity. Do you want to know the truth ?I DID IT !I made it !…I have a career and I became successful and beside the point I learnt a valuable lesson of life –the world is my oyster .I can achieve whatever I put in my mind .


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