my mentor ,my inspiration

Thank you for allowing me
the opportunity
to learn from you
when I was seeking so much knowledge
when I was asking many questions
you patiently listened and answered accordingly
never showing signs of frustration

Thank you for taking the time
to show me the necessary skills today
that will lead me with confidence into tomorrow
for believing in me and having enough faith
to share your work
your dreams
and your vision

Thank you for accepting me as I am
with all my eagerness
and my sheer joy over the little things…
you never tried to squelch that spirit in me
Instead, you have encouraged that spirit
and for that, I do thank you

I realized the knowledge I need for work can be learned anywhere,
taught by most anyone
but the life skills I needed that go along with it…
well, that would have to be taught by a very unique individual
with a very special gift for giving
a gift of patience and understanding
that someone is you, my Mentor
and now, my friend

© Theresa Genter


It’s time to thank someone who’s made a lasting impact on my  life.I’ve been very fortunate to have a friend who was willing to be my rigging mentor over the past years.. A huge and big thank you to my mentor ,he knows who he is . He was the epitome of the self-sacrificing mentor. He took the time to provide guidance, tips and steer me in the right direction. I couldn’t have been luckier! Its really helped me open my eyes and desire to strive for excellence.I had the drive for success and determination but on another hand I did not know where to start .Along the line I met so many people so discontent and pessimistic and I think their attitude made me think that I should accept who I am and what I do. Aside from being an hard worker ,Or I just should call myself an worhaholic ????,I was genuinely passionate about learning new things ,and that passion for discovery made me very eager to move forward in  my career .I never thought that in my late 30s I would started again school but as I ve seen so many example of success stories I  believed that I could find fulfilment in new career path. Having come to the UK with so little knowledge I worked my way up.I am a living tribute to the nation that regardless of the odds (and believe me I had so many struggles along the way) I charted my own destiny .I was committed to succeed. Although I was determined to make it ,my mentor stepped up and became the steward of my personal self ,and facilitated the development of my career .I feel that the time I spent with my mentor is worthwhile.He has given me the exposure to the new world and had opened my eyes to many opportunities I would not have otherwise been aware of .School soon turned into college ,college turned into university ,then I found myself studying for a MS in business Management .I can emphatise enough the importance of having a mentor as I became what I wanted to be.My mentor is a PhD graduate and only thinking of the idea of what  Phd entails is giving me chills on my spine,His example broaden my aspiration for wanting more ,and I am tempting to think that one day I will be a PhD graduate myself.From my mentor I learnt aspiration ,attitude ,methods of success .He taught me that networking is important too.Soon I became a media freak and I found myself surrounded by hundreds of connections.I found the support to engulf my pursuit of success. Now I have the drive and confidence that I can do whatever I want and no doubts I will succeed.






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