I am pretty much alive

hey gang

I’m feeling so excited about all this blogging mania. I guess I’m not the only single person on this planet that feels like this. I am feeling  much alive, perhaps  I have some little connection with Duracell or I inherited  some strong swirls from speedy Gonzales  but .here I am again (Mamma  Mia!!!!)

First of all I should apologize as I promised I will be more active. Unfortunately with so many things going on, I neglected my blog entirely. The last post I added through  was last  month  and it was a very happy announcement about my awakening time and since then there has been silence. Really I promise to myself that  I will constantly write entries on my blog    but it does seem like it from time to time to be caught in a seemingly routine but I promise you that I am alive and well and things are still moving forward albeit slowly


  I m somehow caught  on Phalanx’s webbut I trully enjoy the lyrics ,I hope you like them too


Get away!

All these shadows in my mind.

Try to hide, try to fight.

For too much my eyes go blind.

All these hopes, all these tears.

All those never-ending fears.

Still I’m here, still I fight.

Still I feel, I’m alive!


See me stumble, see me fall, been so close to lose it all.

All these times that I cried, where’s the angel by my side.

Countless thoughts fill my head, would they vanish feel so sad.

Still there’s light, still I fight, still I feel, I’m alive!


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