The illusion of happiness

Hello again …How many times we hear people saying  life is good and life is worth living or life sucks ?…Where is happiness to be found? How can we become happy? Happiness is not a question of how you look to others. Rather it is a matter of what you yourself feel inside; it is a deep answering response in your life. Very often I like to read daily quotes from buddist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda .

 Happiness more exactly is  how we feel emotionally about ourselves. To change our emotion requires changing our believes that we are not good enough. It may have a more specific association to how we look, how smart we are, money, or lack of confidence sexually. Then we should work  and create an image of success that we feel we should be. Changing this belief is contrary to logic, but is a must if we are to overcome insecurity and raise our self esteem ..this will create an illusion of happiness and you would be the magician .. 

As people strive to be happier and more fulfilled they purse what they believe will make them feel better. More specifically this is the virtual reality’s version of what will make them happy. What the virtual reality equates to happiness does not necessarily equate to happiness in the real world.

In essence the virtual reality claims that happiness is to be created by changing the external world. When achievements are made and goals reached there is often euphoria albeit temporary. The long term internal feelings of dissatisfaction generated by the opinions, criticisms, and judgments of the mind remain unchanged. The virtual reality solution to this return of dissatisfaction is setting higher external goals.

When a person has little awareness they chase whatever goal their virtual reality proposes will make them happy. As you gain awareness you begin to be a skeptic of the thoughts and proposals in your mind. You turn your attention to changing the how the virtual reality operates

then you should think about yourself ,,,are you succesfull ?or beautiful or wanted ?Are you loved ?Do you have everything what you wanted ?The answers are in there within you ,,,because you create your future ,good or bad its a mission you have to fullfill ….


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