Why me?A pep talk about an intellectual takeout


Do you ever question yourself about why have you been picked as the best employee,the named girlfriend,spouse or even the alluring and sexy ,smarty business partner?

What is the difference between you and the others?What is your secret and what make you stand out from the crowd?Although I participate in the recruitment process and I recruit at all times ,there are times when I question myself about why I always tried to pick the best.Whats the secret to the demeaning purpose of getting picked by the right recruiter,company ,spouse and so forth..

Here’s my definition: You are unique,with a strong personality and you are by definition an  intellectual.By that, I mean that you already passed the status quo and you are named in the farther category of the ones -the ones who fits most of the bills.Millions of us track ourselves all the time. We step on a scale and record our weight. We manage businesses.We ran for the president. We count what we eat and how many steps we do a day. But when the familiar pen-and-paper methods of self-analysis are enhanced by sensors that monitor our behaviour automatically, the process of self-tracking becomes both more alluring and more meaningful.We will try to add more purpose to the list to make it meaningful by getting personal and person centred.Maybe, there are no definition of what is the best,or why have you been tracked and named the one.I agree that perfection is not attainable and what we have is to constantly  chase our dreams .Our purpose is not merely to survive but to thrive and to be devoted to learning. I actually feel something akin to an orgasm when I learn. The behaviours and the actions often intertwined and they are the main breed of a social stance.The ones who always work towards goals in any ways possible.Not matter about the difficulties and pros and cons,they will always thrive based on positive or negative reactions.

I aways believe that we should plant seeds of achievements in our own mind and have a constant reminder that this is the path we should follow  no matter what.In life like in business you should be particularly interested in cultivated our  own garden,constantly planting new seeds ,tiling the soil and getting rid of the weeds. If you want a good harvest, you’ve got to put the work in and you’ve got to properly plant the seeds.When my mentor told me that I should become a “gardener” I did not really fully understand the message.I was somehow dazzled by striking pose of success and how to attain it rather than thinking  of how to obtain it.I muddled the water expecting to get faster responses to my problems.And waited and waited for answers.

It wasn’t until years later that I began to contemplate his  message both metaphorically and literally.  By this time, I had spent countless hours delving into management and leadership concepts.  I have started to feed my craving brain with food for thoughts .I have challenged everything I learnt so far and thought about it over and over.I created channel of communication I never thought I was able to do it.I built up new bridges and did not burnt the old one neither.  My mentor and my connection network delivered a myriad of intricate and thought challenging philosophies. I found their work  to be perennial wisdom and the stepping stone for my awakening  call.

I always want to know why.And my whys were bottomless. Why is it raining? Because there are clouds in the sky. Herein the knowledge itself became my  goal. I was running the hunger game therefore I’ve got  a dopamine rush from knowledge. And I followed my brain wherever it led me.I have started to think outside the box and the more I question things my answers became elusive ,complex and fascinating.

Why me ? Why him,her or them?I found people around me alluring, beautiful inside and out.But I also found predators of social life,People who can do anything to simply wreak havoc on your emotional and mental well being.

And being honest I have learnt one simple and valuable lesson: To stay away from people who are to charming and have shallow or superficial personality.They have a special way of luring his or her victims into their web. While some go for the generic route of giving gifts and compliments, most spend their time figuring out what makes an individual feel special. And each person needs to be charmed in a different way. 

The best way to recognize this is by looking for signs of authenticity. These will show up in their inconsistent and insincere behaviors and if others speak of them poorly or not like you know them.

So before questioning yourself why you,try to look in/from within.All the answers are in there and if you feel confused,non confident or lack in anything you should try to address these issues .But if you feel confident you should may awe your personality and authenticity.The world is not about you at all time and when your time comes you should be fully prepared.Until then,you should stop questioning why me and try to answer on how you made a difference as each day passed.What made you special and I am pretty sure that will suffice for now….


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