Where do I fit in

This was the second stage in my life, a step in my personal evolution–abandoning the idea of being different, and settling for normal… Gradually I drew nearer to the world, and the world drew nearer to me.” ― Haruki MurakamiSouth of the Border, West of the Sun

During our life span we are going through a lot of “how do I fit in here”questions.Whether moving house,starting a new job,settling with a new partner could be the most stressful life event.Although excitement and eagerness for change are there, the process can be daunting to start with.You will question at the bay how responsible are you in regards to the new role and whether you will get it right or not.

I don’t know about you but I always welcome changes as they bring a degree of certainty.I never settled myself for an okay life but would rather set up higher expectations to get the life I want.Although I count successes and failure at all time whilst bound by limitation, I acknowledge that the road to success is never straight forward.The “where do I fit in?”corrodes the institutionalised belief of regret and push the status “ I am okay” into the motion.

I often picture the “where I want to be” as a result of the visualising “I do fit in” exercise.Many other factors remain on hold as I move forward.I am often called distant as I try to differentiate what becomes a priority and what is not and the most important are tackled as I move on.My”where I fit in “ remains eloquent throughout the process.I am more aware of limitation but also I seek opportunities as I move along.I blend the old habits with the new ones to confirm that I am not an alien to the changes.Nevertheless I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of challenges I face when I utilise the traditional approach that I am the right fit wherever I go.The thoughts,emotions and strengths play a pivotal role as I need to remain aware and self-  conscious.If I  want to have more prolonged periods of awake consciousness and not merely glimpses, I understand that I need to be in charge ,to be pilot of my own machine and this requires control and hard work.There are no habits of the right fit and I dont really have a set of standards of who set the limits of what is right of wrong.Frankly speaking what is right for me ,may not be that right for you and vice versa.I wanted to show you that there is no history of Where do I fit in but merely the dogmatic status lies in ourselves.We know where we fit in when we are becoming comfortable in our skins,with our structure and reinforce new habits.

The answer lies within you and although roughly explained in the context, our own personality is full of content, learned responses, and is dynamic. The adaptation stage may in many people never be recognized in any explicit way, and the nature of this barrier and how to remove it, to become ‘enlightened or to ‘awaken’, could be hardly juxtaposed or over analysed by specialists.With times,the settlement, the real ‘I am the right fit in’, the essence, can grow and begin to utilise all available  resources.The magnitude of change possible (and necessary) for full awakening  is indeed like death and rebirth and in that time you will know for certain the right answer.Although there are lots of internal and external factors who contribute to the process the self control and confidence land in safe hands.The enlighting bulb moment opens its magnitude and the fleeting instant is the only reality. The now moment surpasses the odds and the now moment awakens.The past is gone forever. The future is not yet born but you are where you should be.Grasp the concept the now has great validity when dealing with emotions and feelings.If you know yourself well and listen to your guts you will know that this is the moment  at which you are in touch with the ongoing process. Past and future take their bearings continuously from the present and must be related to it. Without reference to the present they become meaningless.

As a famous psychologist said once and I quote:”The mind is full of loose words, isolated phrases, comments and complaints. An inner chatterbox is perpetually lecturing, justifying, haranguing. There are unending rehearsals, recriminations, fantasy arguments, even puns and quips. Because of the general left-brain dominance, this malady is prevalent – many people tend to intellectualize or ‘rationalize’ their feelings, and to that extent are split off from themselves or ‘schizophrenic’. Such a person avoids contact with emotions and nonverbal reality. He is isolated from the rest of his personality and is contemptuous of his body. The words flooding from his mind thus washout direct contact with the moment.”

So my dear peeps,stop worrying about the status” where do I fit in” and try to enjoy the ride.However if you chose an alternative I have to remind you that you are deemed to a slow,painful and non successful and un-bearring process.The choice, my dear ,is in your own hands…


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