What games are you playing?


I always had some type of interest in Psychology and Psychiatry therein by career path  had led me to mental health field. Recently I came across Eric Berne’s book: “Games people play” and I was totally intrigued . There are lots of philosophies underpinned in there but I am not going to challenge Dr Berne about it as I don’t have the knowledge neither the skills to debate such subject but rather to share some of the insights I found useful. Although the semantics of games lie mainly on mathematical theories ,herein the transactional games analysis are clearly distinguished .The idioms of “What games people play” gives us an alienated phenomena into the grown-up subjected world which clearly are sensory and mentally deprived. I could not agree more with Dr Berne that beyond their social function in structuring time satisfactorily some games are urgently necessary for the maintenance of health in certain individuals. But my question here is: what type of games are we playing to get mentally and physically engaged? And to name only few there are stages in a game which are quite distinctive: first degree games which are socially acceptable in society ,second degree games which no permanent irremediable damage arises and third degree games which is played for keeps ,which finally end in surgery, the courtroom or the morgue.

Games are necessary for normal and day to day life functioning so I would rather stop talking and outline some of the known or unknown games played by many people.

 Thesaurus of games

Life games



Kick me,

Now Ive got you

,you son of a bitch,

see what you made me do

Marital games


,Frigid woman



If it weren’t for you,

Look how hard Ive tried


Party games

Aint it awful ,



Why don’t yu –yes but

Sexual games

Lets you and him fight



,the stocking game,


Underworld games

Cops and robbers

,how do you get out of here,

lets pull a fast one on joey

Consulting room games


,im only trying to help you,





wooden leg

Good games

Bushman’s holiday


Happy to help

Homely sage

They’ll be glad they knew me

We, as children,adults and parents play games after games , a series of “mind games” in which people interact through a patterned and predictable series of “transactions” which are superficially plausible but which actually conceal motivations, include private significance to the parties involved, and lead to a well-defined predictable outcome, usually counterproductive.

As for me,I try to engage in game playing and I don’t think this will be the most appropriate forum to tell you which games I play however I hope you are intrigued by the list and if you wish to find more ,please drop some questions and will try my best to answer to you.

In the meantime I may ask you :what type of games are you playing ?The question is daring so lets see how many people have the courage to answer.

The time for the challenge…Countdown begins…. 



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