Welcome to the mentor/mentee network

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

— John C. Crosby

Today I have attended our first webinar for mentors/mentees via Aspire foundation.

There were around 102 women logged  in for the session.

I found the webinar inspiring and thought provoking and the best thing about the webinar is that I made new friends ,some amazing women which are role models and make a difference in their own ways.

The benefits are massive for the one who mentor and for the one receiving mentoring sessions.I believe that our legacy to the world is to  share from our knowledge and get a proper push to get where we should be.My creed is that with every single person we mentor and empower we are getting closer to make a difference to the world.If you wish to make a difference I advice you to join our foundation and share your story.Probably you think you are not good enough or your writing skills are not up to the standard but my advice is kind of simple.Go with the flow…Pretty much this is my story too and how I started.If you want to know more please read my article “my mentor,my inspiration”..I was never afraid to ask for help and to be honest I received plenty.Besides having a personal self development growth I made new friends who encouraged me to be myself and try to make a difference in my own way.Strong women listen,they wear their pride the way they wear their stilettos,pretty squittish,hurtful,painful but in the end you see the power and beauty and not the journey who brought them there.Mentoring helped me not only to be better at everything I do but also I am open to suggestion and learn new ways of improving myself.My journey as a mentor is amazing.

Anyway to cut the story short ,I am sharing some tips in case you decide to ask for help.Whatever your options are in term of become a mentor or a mentee the list is beneficial for both parts.So here you go:

1.Be specific what you want to achieve e.g. personal growth,knowledge ,skills,experience.

2.Use an activity diary or a to do list as it beneficial to put down ideas and thoughts .

3,Brainstorm -be creative

4.Ask for help -whether you are a mentee or a mentor ,you may feel alone at top so mingle with people,you will be amazed about what you can learn.

5.Plan what are you going to do by writing goals and how you wish to achieve them.

6.Make a short term goals rather then aiming very high as you can get easily lost in transition.

7.Start with activities which you are confident that you are able to achieve

8.write down long term goals and outline how you plan to achieve that

9.ask yourself how much you wish to make the change and work against the goal

10.reflect on daily basis on your task ,how did you spend the day and how close you are getting towards the goal ]

11.Be flexible and don’t be afraid to talk about your goals with others ,you may find that you are not alone

12.Record your achievements and reward yourself for moving towards your goals

Tick off the things that you achieve and place another small task on your to do list .

Although the list could be endless I believe this is a good starting point and if you need more help feel free to contact me for further guidance and advice.I am also looking forward for your input.Making a difference comes from within so the journey starts with you…


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