I am as mad as a midget

IMG_1893 (1).jpg

Hey howdy,today I will try to be a cool mum,a gansta of downtown Brooklyn or even from outskirt Manchester.I will surprise you with my unravelling cocktail of colourful language in order to try to fit into this mad and lunatic world.Please don’t get offended by me or don’t you ever dare to think that I lost my plot but I want to expose the beautiful and fantastic eurythmy of modernism era.Whether you are a a cool parent,millennian,baby boomer or whatever society recall  or name you these days I will try to revoke my right to write freely about whats bothering me.I might look mad as a midget but hey,who cares?


Today I embrace “shout the fuck up” in order to impress.I could call my “non existent” partner ,the mother f…er ,asshole and tell him that I will cut his balls off if he will ever ,ever cheat on me.

Rather than being cowardice because I like my own peace and quiet moment,I could turn into the wild bitch and tell everyone that ‘’I am f’’’’ing tired of you,mother f…er bustards,because you pissed me off.

The society doesn’t stop here.At school children learn to fight,bully and gain the popularity games by :o.m.g,dude, you’re a pussy or an asshole.  Kids learnt a new language by default considering that is so cool in order to impress.

In my desire to look luscious I could even try to make an attempt to discuss about what is sexy nowadays and how to talk dirty if I want to get a boyfriend and not to forget the flirting games ,hey man that is a total disaster.Probably you should search the entire google engine to learn on how to converse with a new date or I should say that I could better ask Siri or Cordana ?Nevertheless you should be also a sexual expert in Kama Sutra as soon you reach age of 11.

The psychology of credulity doesn’t stop here.I wanna be cool,men.I should stop to say the world nigra and the black as this is a censored topic.In my eagerness to be politically correct ,I should remember the cultural boundaries hence to try to fit into one of these categories.This include taking responsibilities for maintaining my own sanity and for making choices that determine what I become.In my day to day life I have been known to be pretty cool and herein my meth kicks in(I need to mention to everyone that drugs are not my cup of tea and I am not keen on them either) but rethorically speaking ,a cool individual could be on pots as its trendy and you rock man!!!! This charade could be endless at the first stake.Now and again I like a good joke but the obscene goes beyond my level of acceptance.Throughout the years the language gauges into infamity. Popularity and rituals are under the influence of reduction of the grammar  literature and our dearest speech is similarly forgotten in translation.We forget by status quo,the lectures imposed within the greek mythology and although the descartes’s  psychology  is still stand in situ we offer to mirror the gang language in exchange to the the english worthiness of being posh,classy or even turn into snobbish.The extremist line cohabit as too adultery partners.

The rituals of Cardasians,the Real housewife of beverly hills,the mob housevives,or even born in chelsea fades Hemingways,Dummas,Byrons,E.Bronte or C.Bell to name a few.

In the need of popularity the “fifty shades of Grey” defines a woman.After all ,do I look obscene in my midget layout?Probably I will win the popularity contest because I undressed what has been censored.

I think that my mouth has been on a loose for so long and to end in a very humoristic way,I shall say:



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