How to value yourself


Self respect is the most important part of your personal trait .You are what you are and nobody in the entire world can change that .You should learn how to appreciate yourself and learn how to add value to your worth as an individual .Although our life is pretty much surrounded by economical and political factors which has an impact on our well being we should never forget about the ,,me” factor which plays an important role into our mental health being .

I hear all the time ,,you are what you eat ” or ,,you are what you read” or even ,,you are what you do ” and everyone comes with the assumption that our actions are taking over the personality traits .Although some of the individual actions drive people to the non grata level I dont think for a minute that is politically correct to say that we shouldbecome complacent in these aspects and stop striving for greater things.

I do believe in the individual abilities to strive for great things and I believe that self worth ,confidence and self respect are some of the factors we should consider to assess when we review our self image .

As per quote,,Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”

My advice : learn your self worth ,appreciate your value ,brand your image and go out and make a great first impression ..Try giving a damn.


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