A cry for help


,, What a strange business this is: We stay in school forever. We have to battle the system with only a one in eight or one in ten chance of getting funded. We give up making a living until our forties. And we do it because we want to help the world. What kind of crazy person would go for that?”—Nancy Andrews, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Duke University School of Medicine


I have created this post to chronicle my trials and tribulations of being a full time health care manager, forty three years old, and workaholic on a journey to embark to a PhD Programme. I have had my fair share of ups and downs with Universities through the years and after gaining a Master qualification I have decided to put a serious effort into trying to find funding for a PhD. At the beginning of my journey I was a bit unsure whether PhD is for me or not .Lots of PhD students could say that PhD is worth doing whilst some told me that I don’t need a PhD qualification to master my skills .

So Is PhD for me? I would say that PhD is what I dream of, PhD is my oyster in order to conquer the world …Friends, family and peers could say that I am a little strange to want to do a doctorate .I am a workaholic,a book worm and I am eager to give up everything for the benefits of enrolling and ultimately completing a PhD programme. I am already loosing the simplicity of regular hours and having no means of enjoying a quality of life …University still mean everything to me …If I have to put all pros and cons I would still consider millions of good reasons to do a PhD as I will achieve something significant. Nevertheless PhD will challenge and will push myself to new heights .I am highly driven and achieving a very difficult goals will be my ultimate objective.

I have always been told that that I should research for the right course and to contact University and supervisors and discuss course programme if I want to get a fully funded programme. Although there are few fully funded PhD opportunities I don’t seem to meet the criteria of fitting into the programme as I already work full time.As part time is the only option I have available I tend to struggle with the course options .I made couple of enquiries and I have so limited choices .I’m just not seeing that happen anytime soon. Anyhow, I tend to be a “grab life by the horns” type of person to begin with. Some people may look at me an think that I am desperate …to be honest I don’t care much as  I have very little tolerance for those who do not take the value of education seriously. I want to do  Phd no matter what .The course will open my horizon and I will improve my ability to undertstand and solve problems .I also will increase my confidence and I may be able to gain skills that may lead to a better job .Phd could be my adrenaline challenge. It has already been stated that I’m a workaholic, which I can be more intense than I should be. I guess “Intense” all around is a good way to describe me. I have the childlike curiosity and I day dream. As most of my friends are Phd graduate when I am around them I could feel a driving force which pushes me to explore and learn new things.

I believe in me and I think I could be made for a doctorate .I am not a born leader ..I am a self made one .I guess the PhD could gauge the same approach. I am a bookworm. I am like a little kitchen sponge of being good at absorbing knowledge. Over the last years I have grown up so much and I developed an insatiable appetite for reading books about business and management .I think Phd become my lifelong fascination or I should call it as my addictive obsession.

I hope that I will be able to find support for my Phd .I cry for help…

I count the days and hopefully I will find someone who will listen to me.If you think that your company or university may tailor a project that suit your particular objective than I am all yours.I am flexible in my approach…hopefully I can make a difference …




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