Stopping by and say Hello


One of my business contact asked me to write someting to the group we commonly have joined.I dont have a journalism qualification ,I could not called myself a writer and I dont have a clue on how to write social media content however I decided to have a go.He asked me if I would be open to posting a link to my blog on a subgroup he managed. Although my blog mirrored my personal development it does not entlist my full career development.
Do you want to know why I write a blog ?

It all started 3 years ago, when I wanted to prepare for my university journey.Some people finds that writing an essay is an easy peasy jobs but I did not find it in that way .From there, the idea grew legs, as I decided to turn the blog into a personal journal.As a result, it started to move forward in completely new directions.It has provided me with a platform for being much more open, and has progressed into a great personal task helping me conquer one of my life’s greatest challenges.
Anyway lets stay focused on the topic and describe why do we need social network to geed our social hunger .

First and foremost I would like to explain why we need the social network and hopefully we can find a way to help some people to succeed in their businesses.
So I shall start with the basics ….

Many of us actively use sites as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to promote our businesses .Many of us just use these sites to connect with more business-related contacts and develop relationships with people we have worked with or may want to work with.
Far from being a tool solely for business , Linkedin has grown into a platform highly important for businesses and employees alike.

There is a long standing belief in business that people follows their managers ,their leaders,peers ,mentors and so forth.These are the people who start companies,innovate and develop new products, write amazing business articles or set an example for your personal development growth.You can easily find these people on Linkedin,Facebook,twitter ,etc .In fact, social networks are providing people a way to use their own connections to gain new ones.
What could I say about my experience with social networking ?

I guess I was fortunate to meet great individuals with a mixed combination of skill, passion, drive, and energy .I learnt a lot for them and I still do.I have joined few groups and the experience is just ”breath taking ”.Every day I learnt that people (in our case business networkers) drive most of their value through services they manage .They add skills mix such as innovation ,creativity ,performance,leadership abilities and not at last a great deal of personal understanding of their businesses.I keep exploring Linkedin as a business tool to help me to identify new ways to enhance my professional experience.Most people want to be connected with achievers expecially with very succesful people .You usualy spot them writing articles on prestigious social media.They are considered valuable resources because they’re genuinely interested or engaged in helping others succeed and this is the best way to leverage your presence to build social influence.

So lets start with our Linkedin groups.LinkedIn Groups are a great way to stay on top of topics of interest to you and to network with others in your field therefore lets leverage our presence in here.Joining various groups will align with your interests and ultimate will aim to engage you to participate in discussions. Having a group in common with another LinkedIn user is one way you can invite others into your network. Staying connected with the outside world isn’t the only benefit LinkedIn has to offer. Learn how to use LinkedIn and you might find yourself more connected than you could have ever imagined. You may even find out you’re separated from a company or hiring manager by fewer degrees of people than you could have imagined.

Let’s start our journey .I am very open for dicussion and hopefully we could create a platforma of topic we should discuss.

Stay tuned …more to come…



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  1. devenir riche October 9, 2015 / 5:54 am

    It’s going to bbe ending of mine day, except before finish I am reading this wonderful adticle to
    increase my experience.

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