I choose life



I made a choice and hence my decision :I choose life …

You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life. This is not an easy struggle. Indeed, it may be the most difficult task in the world, for opening the door to your own life is, in the end, more difficult than opening the door to the mysteries of the universe.
Daisaku Ikeda

I choose life with all the ups and down ..I choose to move on and open some doors ….Looking for uncertainty,mistery ,unknown ,god knows what else …??? I am here to find out … And yet life teaches us sweet and bitter  lessons.Life itself is a lesson .a BIG fat lesson ..and it is an onminperpetual arrays of events since the day we were born .We learnt to scream,to cry ,to recognise people who cared for us (mum and dad,grandpa and grandma,other sibblings ) we learnt to walk ,to eat ,to run,to sleep ,,,we learnt to write and yet to read …we learnt to play …and learnt to laugh …we grew…and as we grow older life changes expectations …we learnt to walk proudly ,learnt to taste success and acchievemnt ,learnt the sour taste of failure and we fell yet always and always get up …and we changed …I learnt to remain positive regardless hardships ,sorrow,pain ,even when life taught me some hard lessons .I learnt to stay on my feet -to stay still and tall…and yet I learnt to challenge life .

“To change one’s life: do it flamboyantly, do it immediately, no exceptions.”=william james    I completely love that quote .I love the deceptive simplicity, the cocky absoluteness, the bold challenge… I try to make those flamboyant changes every day. It’s not easy, but I keep at it anyway…because I love life …You learn not to believe in “tomorrow is another day “, or in promises. You learn that “Love” is the just another phase in our humble life ..You learn that you are a mosaic composed of choices and deeds, that you are the sculptor of your own being. You learn that people do talk a lot less, and that their words do not always matter. You learn that nothing is forever, and that life has a bad habit to make unexpected surprises which sometimes turn into a nightmare. You learn to appreciate what you have, and come to understand that nothing is worth more then YOU …YOU become the core of your universe ..But, why? What propels anyone to entertain the possibility that life is not worth living ?What could possibly be more intriguing than to venture into the “why of that fabulous mystery”? No other soul’s journey is more rewarding than to search out the meaning of this temporal existence…then it comes down to a point when I love simplicity …I love enjoying the simple things of life …I enjoy to make new life plans …I choose life ..simple as that.


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