being different



being different is one of the beautiful thing on earth ….embrace your ,,you”ness
we all are different and unique and because a person chooses to express themselves in an extreme way doesn’t mean they have an extreme personality. They know how to embrace their ,,inner.. better than others .We just need to be who we are … Most times, we try to be a copycat of people we adore or the ones we like and in most cases ,,the us ”are preventing us from doing and having more, such as negative thinking or lack of self-esteem. We want the beauty and the confidence of our idols and our growing frustration and perceived inability to deal with the new situation leads to a host of physical and emotional issues which affects us personally as well as our interpersonal relationships.We learnt to swim on a sea of illusion and sudenly the idea of embracing our ,,inner” ness fades with time .We became like others but translated into a very cheap version .Anything and everything turned into big issues .These “issues’ are actually errors in our thinking, or distortions. Without getting too clinical or in-depth, when we look at ourselves we all pass through various stages or phases throughout our lives; in each of these phases we are developing habits and patterns that help us to move through each phase and shape us to who we are. But these behaviors and habits are not always positive ones. We can develop errors in our thinking about how we see and perceive situations we are faced with.No matter how hard we try to become someone, no matter how we changed things just to become perfect, we can never be that person and that— being unique and different can never be eradicated from us. Why not ? Because we are human and we are born to be different … it’s a part of us.
…let the new ,,you” into your life …embrace change …dare to be unique ..dare to be different.




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