Here I am ,the new me



I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes, so live not in your yesterdays, no just for tomorrow, but in the here and now. Keep moving and forget the post mortems; and remember, no one can get the jump on the future.Life transitions — moving to a new city, becoming a parent, learning a new language ,starting anew — can be an exciting and invigorating part of life. Yet transitions, even happy ones, can also be stressful and bring up mixed feelings.The situation makes me feel like there is a struggle going on between my emotions and I recognize that transitions are hard because they can shake your sense of identity. We naturally define ourselves in part by our surroundings. When these surrounds change, it can be disorienting. Getting married changes your identity from a single person to a partner. Having a child changes your sense of identity from wife or daughter to now include being a mother. A new job changes your identity or role at work. And yet I am trying very hard to define myself.I try to discover the new me .Being in transition is a wonderful opportunity for growth. I took a look at the parts of myself and my life that I most value and I know that I have been neglectful of some important area of my life. Transitions are an opportunity to begin practicing new habits and ways of interacting with others. Sometime I feel restricted, in limbo, and feel imprisoned and jailed by my surroundings. And yet I am standing in a barren area that seems impossible to escape because I cannot see my way out. I feel powerless because I face a difficult decision, uncertain as to where to turn and what to do. They are plagued with fear and guilt because another person put me in this situation. I keep reminding myself why I chose to make the change. In the midst of feeling a little lost during a transition, it can be easy to regret my decision.Although I am very optimistic that life transition are good expecially for myself I need to realize I not trapped, I can move freely, only my thoughts make me feel this way. When doubt creeps in, I review the reasons I made life decision then when I see the big picture, it helps me move from feeling overwhelmed to understanding that this is a temporary adjustment, and while it’s difficult now, I am willing to go through some uncertainty and discomfort for the long term gain. No pain ,no gain .neverthless I decided that I needed a change and there I am …. The story of the “Phoenix” sums up this situation nicely. The “Phoenix,” an Egyptian mythological bird represents rebirth and resurrection. The mythological bird built its own funeral pyre and died, meaning the bird separated from its past attachments, ending a path that was not right for the bird. The “Phoenix,” is the new me that rises from the ashes to start all over again!When you’re in transition, it’s easy to become overly focused on yourself. As you prepare for your new endeavors, know that the time you’ve taken to reflect and prepare for your next phase of life will help you live more fully and with purpose.Lastly, if you look at the mountains in the distance, they are brown, and look burnt. I need to stay focussed to my goals in order to get what I want .Though ,I remember, mountains represents my goals and what I really want, but the color of the mountains suggest that I am moving away from the goals I had in the past because they are burnt! I am breaking free and changing direction.I welcome the new me ….



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