Blossom like a rose







,,If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears”.
Isaac Hayes
When you experience hardship or you go through an enormous challenge in life, there will always be ‘the before’ and ‘the after’ – ‘the rose’ and ‘the thorn.’Sometimes, you compare how your life was before the event…in contrast to how it is now….Sound a bit of dilema but we all were in there at some point in our life .And I think hardship and the most challenge of your life called TIME manages to rearrange your thoughts and change how you look at life.Often I find myself lost in thought, retracing my steps, trying to figure out whether I collected more thorns than the roses .
But time has passed and I am here now …There is no time for regrets ….Over time, it redirects your emotions and priorities from the unimportant stuff to what really matters in the big picture. It also changes shape from a massive inconceivable event, that overtakes your life…to one where, eventually, you evaluate, you adjust, you absorb, you analyze….and you learn to cope with things…that would’ve upset you some time before…Oh crikey, I’m getting things done but its kinda of scary …Everybody think that I am strong and I can do anything I want in my life but hey…I am human and I make tons of mistakes …mistakes which I later regret in my life.. I used to be very leery because I’m kind of a jumpy person and I need to be doing something at all times, but I’ve learned to slow it down a bit here, and it’s kind of nice. I usually am always stressing about something and in most cases I do good for others and somehow I am left behind…I am endlessly entertained at sitting and thinking . Does the word ,,day dream” tell you something ? This may make me sound like a complete old lady, but I could seriously stare at it for hours. ,,If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears”.
Observing the complexity of a rose, we can observe much about our own complex lives. A prickly exterior makes it difficult for predators to attack—its thorny climb protects the stem, allowing it to grow in strength and resiliency as the flower develops. At its very tip, the protected stem brings to light a hardy rosebud and soon, delicate, sweet smelling, gloriously and vividly colored petals follow, creating one of the world’s most cherished sources of natural beauty for all to admire. Upon further inspection, and through personal experience, we quickly learn to first watch for its thorns before handling. Here’s where the cliché becomes truth: that’s life, isn’t it?Regardless of the type, roses develop thorns to survive and flourish with one goal—to make the end result as beautiful and strong as possible. With this revelation, a trusted cliché takes on a whole new meaning for the experience of personal sadness, the joy of happiness and the enabling journey allowing us to grow deeply rooted, strong stems of self-awareness. Without the protective pricks that temporarily stun us, we cannot truly appreciate the rose’s miraculous journey to flourish. Cultivating our happiness is difficult at times, but what we make of our experiences determines if we thrive rather than merely survive. If allowed to play their role in our lives naturally, the thorns of sadness and trials can eventually cultivate healthy outlooks for positive growth, offering beauty to another struggling in their journey.And now …I learn to smell the roses…..


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