Today I watched a movie about a guy who shut 7 Amish children whilst on school then the man took his life .There was a beautiful story about forgiveness and how God gives anyone the strength to move on. Forgiveness can be defined as the foregoing of resentment or revenge when the wrongdoer’s actions deserve it. Forgiveness is a very subjective theme and everyone has there own idea on who should and who should not be forgiven. Forgiveness can encompass many different things, from merely accepting someone’s apology to helping them to find there way out of the situation they put themselves in. Forgiveness is being able to let go of harm done. It is relinquishing a sense of injured entitlement or tit-for-tat. Forgiveness releases us from resentment or bitterness and lets us reclaim our energy and sense of balance.Sometimes we feel like we cannot forgive without remorse or propitiation on the part of the other person, but the power of forgiveness lies within us, not in the actions or attitudes of others. Speaking our truth and taking steps to protect ourselves from future harm can help us to move on. The more we understand the person who has harmed us, their feelings, frailties and external pressures, the easier it is to forgive. Forgiveness is a powerful act that is done through a persons’ soul. Forgiveness can be given in many ways. It is the acceptance of what happened and understanding the dynamics of the past situation. For many, forgiveness is hard to give. They hold onto the bad events that happened in their past and find it hard to forgive those who sinned towards them. There are many questions to the action of forgiveness. Well, in my opinion, everyone is capable to forgive. It just depends on if that person can find it in themselves to do it. Limits to forgiveness only exist if the person lets’ there be limits. Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. When someone forgives, it helps to heal their wounds. They have an understanding for what happened. When someone forgives, it helps them to move on with their life. They are at better peace with themselves if they learn to forgive.

             Forgetting about something just buries the past. By forgetting, it could hurt someone more than realizing what had been done. Someone should always forgive but never forget. Forgetting, in my opinion, just slaps the forgiveness away. It’s as if saying you’re sorry but not really meaning it. That would be like lying to yourself and denying what happened. Forgiving then forgetting if possible, but that doesn’t mean it is the best thing for someone to do. Also, by trying to forget, it may haunt your conscience and you may have a hard time getting over what happened. I feel, if you are going to forgive, you should recognize what was done and not intentionally forget about it. Sometimes, evil should never be forgotten, so we can spread the news of what evil was trying to invade or toy with. Forgiveness is a process that may prove to be challenging, but it is definitely achievable.  Everyone is capable to forgive, if they can find it in themselves to grant it. Forgiveness helps you move on from the past. It can help you lead a more peaceful life. Forgiveness is given in many ways. You don’t have to see the person to say they are forgiven. Sometimes, you forgive an event or a party of people by just knowing in your heart that they are forgiven. Forgiveness is also a very opinion based act. It has many aspects and for some, only used in certain situations. For me, I think to forgive shows how someone can acknowledge what happened and to be able to turn the bad into good. .It may take days, weeks, months, or even years. You can forgive whenever you think you are ready. When you are ready, then you will feel a weight being lifted off your shoulder, because then the event isn’t stuck in the back of your mind. You feel free from what happened to you. You feel at peace with yourself.  It is important in my life. What about you?I think, that to be able to forgive others, you have to first be able to forgive yourself. By this I mean that if you feel guilty about something, you have to be able to accept that you made a mistake, but you also have to then carry on and move forward. If you cannot forgive yourself, you will constantly be berate yourself and you won’t be able to leave the past behind. Of course, you have to learn from the mistakes you made and endeavour never to repeat them, but it’s not necessary to constantly berate yourself over something that has already happened and cannot be changed. Often, we are the last people to forgive ourselves. In my opinion, once you realize that you have spent enough time making yourself feel bad about something you have done, it becomes clear that quite often, others have long since forgiven you.Then seek forgiveness from your Lord ,from your Creator in order to help you to move on. But what’s disheartening is how seldom we are able to forgive each other and how often we are impetuously intolerant toward one another. We should remember  that the strongest of people are those who not only have the strength to suppress their anger when they are tested but also possess an immeasurable capacity to forgive.

Although I am amazed how other people are able to forgive I bow to God to give me the strength to forgive …


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