Its all about education



Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom’’ George Washington Carver

Today I was chatting with someone about education and how this little topic could envisage so much debate around it .Education is an admirable thing and enable us to differentiate between what we know and what we don’t know .Gaining knowledge is like filling of a pail but education yourself is like fire it up and its so nice when you develop a passion for learning new things.Education is like listening to everything and trying to absorb so much .I believe that personal growth is all about education and keep it simple .We all have to change our ways of doing things to stay ahead of the competitions but any attempt to shoehorn a change technique into a well done practice could be underpinned by so many factors .People could not see what value could be added to the current practices and the some ,,I know everything’’ people could be so skeptical about it.Ouch ,I hope I have not offence any readers .I truly hope I haven’t done so…Sometime is needed just a little spark to turn interest into actions, yeah?I am just feeling that I am jetting on a tinny ice in here ……I remember what Nelson Mandela used to say that, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ‘’ and I totally agree with that .Worthwhile thought yeah ????I believe that we all entertain thoughts without much questioning and that is not bad at all .Everything matter to us at any point in our life ,yesterday ,today, tomorrow and so forth. Educating yourself doesn’t require an age factor and the society should focus more on educating adults of all age rather than educating children. The education purpose is to turn mirrors into windows, to turn books into knowledge, to turn knowledge into practice. Education is the soul of our society and should be sought for with ardor and diligence. I am amazed by how much we could retain when we study .Lots of people think that education doesn’t change a thing but they are so wrong,I have seen so many live experiences of people who are self-made today .They know so much that you could not stop listen to them at all day along .I use to call them a live encyclopedia and Oh man I am so fortunate to have couple of friends I could easily place them on my A * list .However education has produced so many people able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading .I little learning is a dangerous thing but it beats total ignorance .It also could lead to lethal weapon when its placed on ignorant people.Education brings good and bad of people .But this journey is not over. Our education initiatives have so much momentum, and we’re committed to sharing even more stories from the Arctic when we return.Until then ,I stop , I relax ,I look around then start over again…..My BOOKS are waiting for me ….xxxx


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