why Mr Right can’t find you ?

It made me think how many billions of women out there in the world who are looking forward to one day waking up and finding their Mr. Right knocking at their door. How many of these women (at different stages of life) are still holding to the possibility of meeting that one person who could at least qualify most if not all of what they thought of as their Mr. Right?I believe in the principles of what is perfect is not always the right choice. It is my way. I’m sure that at some point or another during the course of your lives , you’ve all heard a group of women going on about how they can’t seem to find any “nice, sweet and sensitive” men out there. I’m also sure that some of you actually tried to become said Mr. Sensitive, thinking that you would thus prove to be irresistible to the ladies. To your great dismay, it didn’t work… suddenly, you found yourself surrounded by more women than ever before, and yet you weren’t getting any more action. Frustrated, you probably wondered what the hell was going on. I’ll tell you: there’s a difference between what most women say they want Mr. Right to be, and who Mr. Right actually is — in other words, the myth and the reality of Mr. Right.Look for your dream man and  seek perfection ! But this is what all the tabloids want to picture ,someone who has all the qualities ,the most successful,the most handomse,the most etc ,etc .I believe that we should look for our own standard ,not the one portrayed in tabloids.It is my philosophy, my creed and I assume that Mr Perfect not only thick all your desirable boxes but he would make you happy . Many women say they want a sensitive man who is not afraid to constantly express his emotions –.However, the reality is that this type of man will eventually drive any woman up the wall — there is definitely such a thing as being too sensitive. That does not imply, however, that we want an insensitive boar who insults us or is mean to us in any way. So what do we want? A comfortable medium: a man who is neither too sensitive, nor insensitive?????I know my beliefs are a paradox. My  heritage says we should  strive to create a meaningful life. Have respect for others. Be peaceful. It’s all me. My being, my life,my happiness . Similarly, while we do want a guy who is there for us, deep down, we also crave a little mystery. So know when you should be there for her, and when you should go out for a night with the guys. Like, if she calls you crying because she’s had one of the worst weeks of her life and you act like you couldn’t care less, that’s just not cool; but don’t be at her beck and call either. You get the idea.I also believe that there are some men which hardly agree or disagree with me .In the end of the day ,we are free to express our opinions .I believe that most women out there are familiar with the,, knight in shining armor’’type. If you’re into hard-core feminist chicks, skip to the next point; otherwise read on. Contrary to popular belief, the age of chivalry is alive and well. While women don’t want an oversensitive sap, we do want a gentleman. Once again, it’s about balance. If you try too hard to impress us, we will get turned off; but if you open the door for us and pour our wine at dinner, you’re on the right track.My beliefs are an ancient system created by fairytale stories . But I am alive and breathing  in the 21st century. And my belief is light and dark. Water and fire. Air and earth. Yin and yang. I believe in contradictions. I believe in breathing as one. I believe in challenge.  Everything we learn as we grow older, we should apply to everyday life. This means we should never stop learning .  Man/Woman /Couple  training, like life itself, is an ongoing process of growth and personal education, a process that lasts for a lifetime.   It is good to set goals, but as soon as we accomplish them, it is important to set our sights on the next goal, to improve.  To seek perfection of character is to always seek to improve oneself, to always endeavor to learn and grow.    Here we are talking about making a total effort, all the time, in whatever you do.

To be happy of course means that you have to be true to other people, to your obligations—but it also means you have to be true to yourself.  And to do so means you have to do your best in everything you do.  We do make mistakes but we should be able to move on and not to be our own prisoner for seeking happiness ,for wanting Mr Right.Happiness means that you have a healthy balance within your life.Try hard at everything you do.  No matter what you are doing, whether it’s education, working, having a relationship—give it one hundred percent.  To do anything else is to cheat yourself and others.  If you don’t endeavor to do your best, you are not being faithful to yourself and others, and you are not trying to seek perfection .I believe in happiness although  searching for the right man is a very hard task ,Some men should show respect .A balanced relationship always teaches you to  shows respect to other people.  And it is something you ought to feel in your heart.  Showing respect is a sign of humility, and humility is necessary for an open mind, which it turn is necessary to learn, to grow.  You can always learn something from every person you meet.  Likewise, every person you encounter is a possible opponent of some kind, and that opponent can pose a threat to you, physical or otherwise.  In either case, if you respect everyone, you will more clearly see things for what they are, and you will be able to get the most of every experience.  Humble ,Humble ,Mr Right ….Refrain from violent behavior….YES and this is a true statement ,How many times we read and how many women experienced the violence from their beloved ,,mr right .Antagonising,Yeah ,,,Speechless…

This is a reminder to keep calm inside.   Control yourself at all times, from within.   Conflict within is a form of violence.  It leads to violent actions, which is something you should try to avoid at all costs.   A lovely Mr Perfect  should always be in control, and that begins with an inner calmness, with peace of mind. This I believe.Mr Right is out there …and he is looking for you ….A lot of guys think that women want the uber successful guy, with the Porsche, the penthouse apartment, and the Armani suit. Aside from gold diggers — whom my disdain for has no bounds — most women will be more impressed by a man’s drive, rather than his bank account. Apart from extremely superficial women and giggly teenaged girls, women don’t expect you to look like a movie star. What we do expect is that you make the most of what you’ve got, take care of yourself, and have a healthy dose of confidence and charm to pull it off. So find out what styles and colors suit you and work with them. Trying to be someone you’re not can only backfire in the long run. For God’s sake, have the balls to be yourself. Mr. Right does not insult a woman’s intelligence by playing transparent games in a feeble attempt to get her to like him — games such as these are best left in the playground.A woman who is looking for more than a cheap fling will want to be with a man who is at least not annoyed to hell by the sight or sound of kids, and who maybe even likes them. No need to get paranoid and think that women are out there looking for fathers for their unborn children. It’s just that if a woman sees kids in her future, then she’ll likely want to be with someone who also does, so that if he really is her Mr. Right, she won’t be in for an unpleasant surprise when she feels that the time is right for kids and he wants nothing to do with them.

Most women would also like a man who is close to their own family and treats them with kindness and respect, even if they don’t necessarily see eye to eye on everything. This shows that he values the concept of family and understands the importance of keeping it together through thick and thin.

I believe in Mr Right …..



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