Questions to ask


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
Steve Jobs

People find themselves in ruts all the time. I am in a complacent lifestyle where I work 9 to 5 and then I add loans, bills and kids. I feel trapped, but guess what, ? I constructed that life .I  let it happen .But now  I am feeling trapped ,feeling trapped in a routine I hate  it.I never used to question things and I guess I was happy doing the same routine every day.I never learned to ask the questions. I was not trained to ask myself better questions so that I can come up with a better answer. I never learned to question the question. Because I didn’t control the questions I never got a chance to direct where my attention went. I  just chased answers. I even jump to find answers when my own mind asks the question. I chase the reflection instead of grabbing the pointer.

The problem that I face is not that I am stupid and can’t figure out the answer. “What should I do?

The key question that I need to ask myself is whether or not I feel that the source of my restlessness lies within me, or whether it’s primarily a result of my current circumstances.

My mind also projected that the responsibility wouldn’t allow me freedom and flexibility in my life choices if I had to provide for my family. I feel trapped by that picture of my imagined future. In that picture I was feeling trapped and feeling unworthy. What should I do to change the direction of events? Does my mind plays tricks again ?

The world of the mind and imagination is a fascinating place. I can easily lose my attention there and feel lost and powerless. The belief system in the mind constructs a picture of being alone and unhappy. The belief system also makes assumptions about a committed relationship  and projects being burdened, trapped, and unhappy in my current circumstances .What should I do next ?Should I slow down and change the direction of events or should I carry on ?

There is something particularly crafty about this question in this scenario. Layered into the question are hidden assumptions that point the attention to look only at these two previously constructed possibilities. I follow a direction of logic until I imagine the possibility of being alone. When the emotional body begins to perceive the unhappiness of this projected future it begins to look for another way. It’s a natural instinct to avoid emotional pain, even if it is from reflections in the imagination.Once I have established and settled into a routine, do I then start to feel trapped and find fault with my routine? Do I become bored easily in other situations? Do I find it difficult to relax and accept what I have in my life generally?

If so, then my current dissatisfaction is probably more about my ongoing need for excitement than it is about anything in my life -. I feel that the problem is my own habitual restlessness.Am I happy ?Or I am trapped ? The voice in my head with questions will cause me to wonder if I  made the “right” choice. My  mind will imagine different scenarios and produce insecurity, fear, and unhappiness about my choices.

 “What should I do so that I will be happy in my life?” It’s just that when I shorten it I get caught up in a different question. The emphasis changes from being happy to being “right.” My  mind puts in different assumptions and I chase impossible answers up and down the hallways of my mind. I don’t look beyond those two options because that one question has trapped my attention. “What should I do”implies that there is a “right”answer and that I should choose it. It assumes that one of the two scenarios in front of me is “right”. It assumes the other will be wrong. Oddly enough neither question addresses my happiness directly. Happiness in life is left as an indirect consequence of choosing the “right” answer.

That question puts my whole future happiness into one choice. With that much weighing in the balance the question makes itself more important. It becomes vital that I find an answer. I  focus my  attention even more into the possibilities of those two answers hoping to see something I  missed before.

But is hard to decide what is right and what is wroung .Its getting late so I should get ready for bed .Tomorrow is another day …..




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