November dream

November is one of the most beautiful month of the year .its been a balmy day ,the sun touched my face ,the wind was playing with my hair and yes ,the leaves ,,,,oh yes the leaves were like a dancing symphony ,,,,its being me thinking again ,,thinking about the beauty of the season ,,,thinking that everything is possible and im dreaming ,, and thinking  ,,,,maybe tomorrow ??????

Until then I am listening to the nature ,,,,its telling me a poem ,..

Dancing Leaves

So strong doth blow

November’s wind

From trees

Their leaves

At summers end

Free leaves

That then a’dancing go

Along the lane

Like autumn snow



Off the ground

Such haste

These leaves

All crispy brown

Announce their passing

By their sound



All around

If autumn has a sound at all

Then dancing leaves

It will recall (egal bohen )


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