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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seu


I am here again ready to share some of my thoughts with you .today I was reading a blog about some motivational thoughts and as I am very,,attracted ‘’ by the idea that  we all should do better,feel better I decided that it will be nice to share some of the info I was reading today .As you already made an opinion that I lust for knowledge I shall start to give you an narrative and analytical analysis of my findings.How does one get a handle on tacit knowledge? The standard analytical dance – beginning with definitions, followed by premises, evidence, ending with linear inferences – is not a possibility. Without this sort of discourse, the masters of Aristotelian logic see no easy way to insert the sharp point of their dialectic, and exercise the requisite leverage on it. Traditional analysts know how to cope with abstractions that are visible. They have little idea of how to cope with the unseen. They lack the necessary equipment to deal with what remains unarticulated.Accustomed as they are to dealing with hard arguments that satisfy the intellect alone, they tend to be perplexed when confronted
with stories that generate meaning and feeling and tacit knowledge from every sentence, spilling messily from the narrative, florid and evocative

“In my mind now is an image of a huge, long railroad train, of those 120-boxcar jobs that cross the prairies all the time with lumber and vegetables going east and with automobiles and other manufactured goods going west. I want to call this railroad train, “knowledge” and subdivide it into two parts: Classic Knowledge and Romantic Knowledge.In terms of the analogy, Classic Knowledge, the knowledge taught by the Church of Reason, is the engine and all the boxcars. All of them and everything that’s in them. If you subdivide the train into parts you will find no Romantic Knowledge
anywhere. And unless you’re careful it’s easy to make the presumption that’s all the train there is. This isn’t because Romantic Knowledge is non-existent or even unimportant. It’s just that so far the definition of the train is static and purposeless…

Romantic Quality, in terms of this analogy, isn’t any “part” of the train. It’s the leading edge of the engine, a two-dimensional surface of no real significance unless you understand that the train isn’t a static entity at all. A train really isn’t a train if it can’t go anywhere. In the process of examining the train and subdividing it into parts we’ve inadvertently stopped it, so that it really isn’t a train we are examining. That’s why we get stuck….Romantic reality is the cutting edge of experience. It’s the leading
edge of the train of knowledge that keeps the whole train on the track. Traditional knowledge is only the collective memory of where that leading edge has been. At the leading edge, there are no subjects, no objects, only the track of Quality ahead, and if you have no formal way of evaluating, no way of acknowledging this Quality, then the entire train has no way of knowing whereto go. You don’t have pure reason – you have pure confusion. The leading edge is where absolutely all the action is. The leading edge contains all the infinite possibilities of the future. It contains all the history of the past. Where else could they be contained?…Value, the leading edge of reality, is no
longer an irrelevant offshoot of structure. Value is the predecessor ofstructure. It’s the pre-intellectual awareness that gives rise to it. Our structured reality is pre-selected on the basis of value, and really tounderstand structured reality requires an understanding of the value source from which it’s derived”.(Stephen Denning, The Springboard: HowStorytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations. Boston, London,Butterworth Heinemann, October 2000,)

Longing is a persistent lingering feeling of wanting something you can’t quite get or something you’ve judged unattainable.we all long for things and we all last for love. You can free yourself from “wishful hoping” by getting real with what is happening in the present. Take care of yourself based on what is going on now, not what you think may happen in the future.we are here now and this is not changing over night ,you should take actions based on the current circumstances not based on what it will happen in 5 years time , If you do this, you’ll greatly shorten the time it will take you to find the right thing  what is right for you. It may be hard to let go of what you have imagined for yourself, but trust me, facing the reality of what is feels better.desire more ,dream more …..

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” – Mario Andretti

So ,my dearest  trust your instinct and go with the flow ,,


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