it takes two to tango

,,For me and the people with whom I adore to dance, the music is absolutely key, essential, absolutely impossible to separate from the dance itself. It’s not just some initial inspiration; the intricacies and interplay within the music itself are the whole lifeblood of the dance. You are not just using the music as a background to your movement, or a structure to embellish on. You are responding to the music, becoming involved in the music,
making choices every second about which parts of the music you wish to highlight or play down or even contradict. Sometimes it is as if your feet or your heart or the movement of your body becomes another instrument, adding a little more music. Perhaps another rhythm with the feet, perhaps a deepening of the sweetness of the melody with the way you move your leg or torso…As a dancer, I am answering and expanding the music into the spatial and visual dimensions. I am also expanding the connection that I have with my partner into the music, and expanding the connection with the music to include my partner.’’Hyla Dickinson

I would like to imagine I am in a ball room and I am dancing the most beautiful tango .The posture, the body’s line even the movements will
create the magic so let’s begin to tango our lives .One of the most ,ingenious moment of my life  happened  couple of months ago when I met someone ,a great man ,a tough business leader .I’ve been involved in the business industry for couple of months and I love the atmosphere of creative mayhem that prevails in that wonderful business world .I was fascinated by the cultural gathering even the capitalist endeavor whereas most business people have designed the concept of making money .but then I leant a lesson :there was passion, commitment ,love for what they do ,engagement and power and leadership, there was beauty for the work /job they’ve done .And please don’t take me wrong .As a newbie in business world I ‘m all in favor of cherry picking the best existing ideas and bringing them together to create a new whole. Then the results create an array of tips and advice grouped loosely under broad meaning of success .In business you need to have dogged determination and be brave enough to go for your ideals and goals .Furthermore you need to start the tango of your life and be careful what partner you choose for your dance .Dancing tango has the same myriad as being a business leader –one leads and another one follows.Wheter you are a great dancer or not practice will make you perfect .Fancy joining me ?


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