What qualities does a leader have to have ?

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” – Lao Tsu

How are some people able to effortlessly lead and inspire others, whilst other meet with constant criticism and failure? What are the qualities that we should look for in potential leaders? If you ever find yourself in the position to offer leadership, what are the factors that will help you lead more effectively?

On daily basis we came across statements that leaders are to busy or don’t have the time to educate the people to perform at their level and therefore the synergy will be created as the new ones will never be called ,,one of them ’’
There are some competing explanations about this phenomenon. Senior executives do believe the junior members of the team have lack of experience and skills and they are less productive hence been perceived as being less committed and motivated. We had prejudice in the world since the time we were made. Yup, if we see a big bear v.s. a smaller bear, we would think the bigger bear is more dangerous and have more food than the other bear. This is common sense, but common sense is a part of how prejudgments are made. If someone sees someone that looks weak physically, wears glasses, other weakness, and had good grades, anyone will think the person is a nerd, Einstein (even though he didn’t do well in language class which is German, but very well in math and science of course, except for arguing with his teachers about physics and he was right), geek, intellectual, or whatever. People seem to care about education a lot. Education is important, but wisdom is too. Common sense is too. Gaining wisdom is another topic; regulating or ignoring our ..perfectionist ‘’ thoughts and prejudice thoughts are clearly ways to become wiser. Not all prejudgments are bad, some can be good. Experience ,skills and knowledge …that’s why it would be best to regulate it, not ignore it. Allow time for it .Morals help us work together and care about each other. If we didn’t care about morals in the past how would we be at the top of the food chain? It can be confusing sometimes to discuss moral, common sense, and prejudice when they are similar in way of thinking. (kinda even though they have different definitions) It can be hard to force someone to think a certain way when the person rejects, but the young generation conform to ideas or try to understand ideas more easily than older people sometimes. The way we use our knowledge and what we do determine if we are truly good ,good in what we do or just bad and never been able to perform at our best .

Being a leader is a vocation and you need to have it within you .It has been said that leaders are born or made .I completely debate this statement as you need certain skills to demonstrate you can be able to lead and change the things in your work place .It has been said that we lead by example .
How we will lead our team and how we will make sure our junior staff will follow our steps? The best leader will inspire his followers. He will lead, yet people will not feel that they are being led. If you direct people through issuing proclamations and directives, you will come up against opposition and resistance. The most effective leadership is to help others feel they are working from their own initiative. To inspire your fellow workers in this way, it is necessary to lead by example and offer encouragement where appropriate.


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