home ,sweet home

I am again home sick …I supposed to say home is the place where I feel I belong ,,,,so easy to say ,so hard to settle …home ,sweet home ,,,,,

A place not where your family is.

Nor, where you spent your Child Hood

Rather a place where you can feel safe

A Million miles away

Reasting your head, with a smile on your face

Happy, are your thoughts.

as you stroll down your neighbour hood.

It could be temporary, maybe permanent.

Home, take it where ever you might go.

Live life with a sense of self-love.

Good things will follow.

Strange faces, in strange places.

Don’t let them scare you.

Rather embrace them with an open mind.

Walk with a smile, people will notice.

Maybe even the love of your life.

Carrying home on your sleeve.

Making you shine, a little brighter then the rest.

Your biggest dreams you will achieve.

Never forgetting your roots,

but don’t let your roots, hold you back.

Home is where you make it.

Home is a place where you feel safe.

I was born and raised in a little village down south Romania  and I missed the rural place where I do belong .Horse drawn carts laden with goods clip-clop past tiny farms and little settlements in blossom field meadows.Home ,sweet home …I missed the Romanian’s hospitality and open nature turn even a short holiday into an unforgettable experience of human warmth and friendship. Alpine climbers and spelaeologists, passionate hunters and fishermen, lovers of nautical or winter sports, all can see their dream come true on the Romanian land.Concerts, performances or folklore festivals, history and art museums complete the opportunities of recreation, rest or cure with a new aesthetic experience. Last but not least, a cuisine with dishes quite “exotic” for a Western tourist, as well as a large variety of fine wines and also the well-known tuica (plum-brandy), enrich the list of attractions. Bucharest, the Capital of the country with its culture art, the Danube Delta with it’s rich landscape and sense of mystery, the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains, the picturesque cities of Brasov and Sibiu, the Citadel of Bran where you will discover the non-Hollywood and more interesting legend of Dracula, the colorful Bucovina region with its famous monasteries, the Maramures and Hateg region which are the candle of the Dacian Kingdom. …..Home …where I  belong ….


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