Managing change

Nowadays when we face with times of uncertainty managing change becomes one of the biggest problem of any employer.Your staffs will feel insecure and act more conservatively therefore they will be less engaged as a result and they dont want to accept the changes or or the demands you have to make This is the time when the leader within you has to acknowledge current situation and find a way to understand your staff ,to understand why they act in such ways and focus on communication strategy as matter of urgency.Transparency about the problems you’re  facing  and communication is the key .. Either if you have got a very realistic plan or you are still in a limbo communicating each step of the process will make your staffs more motivated and they will accept more easily the changes.You have to ensure they stay emotionally engaged in their roles during the upheaval .Although his is  the toughest time you need to ensure your team is bonded with your company and show loyalty .Allow your team to bring their ideas forward for improvement and discuss with them how they see the challenge and what is their view about it ,put them in your shoes and  view their plans of change (in many cases they came down with amazing ideas ).The most important thing you should focus is  your own  strength and weaknesses.Ensure you are confident enough in your knowledge and dont be afraid to do more research and do networking to ensure you have got the best result.Whatever the change will bring you should ensure you evaluate your business every time you made a new step and dont forget to look at the needs of your staff -in the end of the day they are your best asset-they will make you to manage change and as a result they will  bring positive outcomes.


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