Alice in Wonderland

I am not planning to give a brief about Alice and her trip to Wonderland .I am planning to write about my trip to Wonderland –my own path that fuelled success .Most of the time I am humbled and excited knowing every word in this blog has been shaped by the people in my life.Although it’s been a long process I reoriented my entire world .Among everything else ,I encouraged my growth and I found very hard to understand my failings even I was pretty much aware of them .Most people  have their own formula to gain success ,a method that subtly brings success in all ways .The formula is very simple though and its been said if you work hard you will become successful.This pattern of belief explains what often motivate us in life .Success will bring  happiness ….Is there a specific way I should consider ?Happiness first then success?As I am not a mentalist guru I don’t know how to answer that question .Its not a cutting edge science to want everything in life ,not merely when you want happiness to follow your success .Well ,well.well!!!!What such an optimistic way to say such things …but yes hard work and happiness will follow your success Waiting to be happy limits our brains ‘s potential for success whereas cultivating positive brain(like mine :))make us more motivated ,efficient ,resilient ,creative and not at last very productive which drive you upward to your way to success .When I am reading a new book or if  I am working  a new project I am getting very excited and jumping ahead of my-self …I WANT TO DISCOVER EVERYTHING –I AM IN WONDERLAND !!!! 

I am feeling thrilled and humbled by the privilege to have such an opportunity …I am having the opportunity justice ….I am learning and I am doing pretty well ..its such an amazing feeling !!!!I am feeling grateful for every moment even in the mist of stress,bad days and blizzard …I am here and happily I am sharing my experience with  you …I am looking for my paradise …I am looking for Wonderland ,,,its  a paradise lost and found …I  should stop now and let everyone to enjoy such amazing Sunday evening,,,

That’s all for tonight folks ,,,,open your eyes and dream ,,,dream of Wonderland ,,,the mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell ,a hell of heaven ..


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