Law of perfection

Today I came across an article about  perfection and what women will do  to become the best in everything . These lofty standards came by comparing ourselves  to the other celebrities and if we dont fit/match the criteria we will fall below these standards, and we would be judged as failures or someone who is not worth it .True,isn it ?

Although the article represents a good response of today demands I feel many women face the dilemma of trying to fit into these lofty facets and become ,,miss perfection”.Needless the pursuit of perfection is a dream that every women wanted to become true .:a perfect career ,a perfect body and a perfect relationship …then everything will envisage a happy life ever after ..

like everything else Life is not perfect neither easy and we feel we represent the ,,ugly duckling”portrait  when things don’t come out as well as we feel they should. In fact we dont look at our talents and gifts and we let ourselves to be a real target for others .Its good also to accept self criticism as its a good tool to evaluate yourself .Over the year I learnt to self analyze myself and many times I used the liar mirror/reality image to assess what things are not going in the same way I wanted too.In the mirror I see the woman I wanted to be and the picture stamped  the real me ….OMG ,,,Chances of being young again or Victoria Beckham pictorial are good but I  am  disapproving the reality due to so many environmental factors  ,I dissaprove what I am because  my own flaws and inadequaciesWho I am to blame others ?I shold blame myself …or not …That is the dilema I face .Career and personal life took so much time of my life and now I am entitled to create a work-life balance and to become Miss Perfectionist …or I should not  bother to much about so many inadequacies and become Miss Congeniality ?What do you think ?


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