All that life has to offer is there for us all

For the last years or so I learnt a valuable lesson that I should never give up on dreams.Seven years ago I came over from Romania equipped with  little baggage of knowledge however  I was willing  to change my life .Life has never been so easy ..I worked hundreds of hours a month but I WAS MOTIVATED and I had a dream to follow  -to change my life once for ever.Now I am here and ready to share with you some of the ideas which made me succesful .And believe me,I had lots of failures too but like everyone else I used the failure as part of my success regime to improve the way I used to do things and made them better .

I am proud to have learned such a great deal from my failures. After all, what’s the point of ending up in frivolous litigation, nearly losing your job, or being forced to move back to the job you hated so much  ,if you can’t enjoyed your life  as a result, right?I ,often get up in the morning and think that today  is another day and I should make it better .I want to think I am special, a winner. If you are human and make mistakes,what ? You are still bound by the rules of life cycle theory   or, at the very least, think about every humps  and those will make you more stronger .  The worst thing you can do is fall for your own ideals and aims ., so stay focused, stop thinking you are a loser  because you’re not and you are  special and like me you can do it , so  go kick some real asses.First and foremost you need to have some patience as Rome wasnt built in a day ,neither your success.Dont get stuck in analysis paralysis. Set small goals and review them on monthly basis .Although there can be days when your work and life  are like little gremlins that sit on your shoulders whispering sweet nothings in your ear about upward climbing bell curves. Set real milestone and dont forget where you stand on your life ladder ,,,have you climbed another step or you failed again ?Are you afraid again of the failure ?Dont be ! Failure is good. It will be your guide to smarter, better decisions. Failure is part of the test . The faster you realize that your need to be focussed on your dreams  there is no such thing as smooth sailing, you’ll grow being succesful  as a result.


2 thoughts on “All that life has to offer is there for us all

  1. Satyajeet May 11, 2011 / 7:43 am

    Mimi, That was thought provoking. Got some inspiration. As someone whose life has taken such a ugly turn with tragedies being bombarded from all over, I might take some cues from your article to turn my life around.
    By the way I stumbled upon your profile on linkedin.

    • mimipopa May 11, 2011 / 6:45 pm

      many thanks for your lovely and nice comment .my only advice to you is that you are your own master and you can turn your life around .If you expect someone to do it for you I am telling you that you are so wrong .wake up and turn your life around .

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