leadership -passion or gift ?

what a feeling

Are leaders passionate about their work ?One of the inspirational quote lead me to Daisaku Ikeda ,,One who cannot empathize with others will never become a true leader. One of the great misfortunes of our world today is the presence of too many leaders who do not feel what is really in people’s hearts.”Leaders have to put passion in what they do .Lots of passion will chanel the journey to success. The word passion, as defined by the dictionary, is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. It is my bias that when any great leader or leadership strategy is examined – positive passion will be found.Passion that is channeled in such a positive direction is an incredibly powerful thing. Leaders with such passion gladly work countless hours, work against all odds and obstacles and successfully use their passion to achieve their overall objectives  .Whether you are a dancer,an housewife,a CEO of a big organisation,an engineer,an director,a teacher or just an ordinary worker ,a mum ,you are just passionate about what you do .

No one wants to flub their way through years and years at a position  that doesn’t provide some sense of satisfaction or productivity. The significance behind caring about what we do is a large component when evaluating your passion for your work. If your goal each day is to make it to 5:00 without much thought as to how you are going to be productive, how you are going to improve the company or what you can do to professionally better yourself, then you are most likely not in the correct position.

I can tell you from experience that you will know when what you are doing is just not the right fit. . It is your inner-self letting you know that you are  happy at what you are doing.This type of passion is exciting. This type of passion is contagious. This type of passion is fun.

If you don’t have such passion or are part of an organization that lacks such passion, ask yourself ‘why’ you/they don’t have it and how it might be obtained? There is no better time than now to become passionate in all that you say and do. It will make you a better leader in all that you do.

The techniques that comprise the “art of leadership”, require relentless practice and ongoing experimentation, until they become part of the leader. Each time we practice the art of leadership we need to ensure that we practice deliberately, focusing on doing things better. Improving how we communicate, influence and persuade, always improving our techniques and methods continuously.

“Practice is the only way that you will ever come to understand what the Way of the warrior is about . . . Words can only bring you to the foot of the path . . .” – Musashi 

  People want to feel it, live it so  Just Do It!have the passion ,live in ,breath it and you will become succesful .


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