leadership and yoga

Many of us know the expression ,,mens sana in corpore sano ”.The expresion came from  latin and can be translated a such,, healthy mind in healthy body ”.This is just a rethoric expression of  the intellect trio :mind ,body and spirit .It is derived from Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal (10.356). In context, the phrase is part of the author’s answer to the question of what people should desire in life, the answer consisting of a long list of things.However I am not planning to debate what we  may want as part of the answers but I will give the intellectual meaning of human intelligence and the transparity between us as human being and Yoga -the controlling instrument of a beautifulmind, body and soul.Any yoga teacher or followers will give you the same advice …relax,take a deep breath and live in the moment .A good advice I should say but what is the correlation between a leader and yoga ?This is a good question ?It’s no secret that leaders today must balance many roles and serve multiple audiences, all while communicating one primary vision. In any given business day, you might serve the role of creative business thinker trying to inspire employees to embrace your vision then morph into an industry sage role helping to advance not only your company but your entire industry. Juggling it all might make you feel like a chameleon.What is the synerygy between a yoga student and a leader ?The answer is very simple …One few know that yoga came from the definition of Sanskrit root ..meaning yuj which represent the unity as a whole ,,uniting of body,mind and spirit .As a leader you attract and have an highest expectation from professionals,to deliver to the highest intellectual level(mind)from an highest environment (body)while respect all human being (spirit)The result is nothing than remarkable.As a leader we embrace an open culture which encourage all of us to contribute and ashtound without fear  our values as individual and professionals.Yoga will lead us to success , will teach you to have an open mind  and you  will embrace  more ideas and thoughts.It is an mulling phase when everything and anything will come with a meaning.Although we have a lot of attributes yoga will help us to discover our qualities that gauge our success as leaders demonstrating emotional intelligence,displaying the courage of our conviction and assessing risk and offering buoyancy as a spirit.


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