sea moments

Couple of days ago I went to the seaside ….the weather was nice and the view was just ,,magnifique”.I kept staring at the sea .An amalgam of feelings went through my body and what i felt was just overwhelming .I was asked to describe the sea but I was speechless.The sea is magical but don’t outstay your welcome
The sea possess three quarter of the earths surfaces it can be rebellious but calm at the shore but far from the shaw it can be ruthless and unforgiven. It throws boats,air crafts, etc around like toys .It has great strength one minute and the next angry.The winds whip up hurricanes.It has waves upon waves . But the beautiful sight it is on a beautiful hot sunny day is somewhat magical, and inspiring.

I recall magical moments from Rachel Carson’s book -the sea around us

“The sea lies all about us. The commerce of all lands must cross it. The very winds that move over the lands have been cradled on its broad expanse and seek ever to return to it. The continents themselves dissolve and pass to the sea, in grain after grain of eroded land. So the rains that rose from it return again in rivers. In its mysterious past it encompasses all the dim origins of life and receives in the end, after, it may be, many transmutations, the dead husks of that same life. For all at last returns to the sea – to Oceanis, the ocean river, like the ever-flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end.”

Vivid scenery was unfolding itself before us: People werewalking around ,children were running here and there.I was thinking of a summery day when children were gathering choice pebbles, shells and seaweeds Others were busy digging sand to catch little crabs which in no time darted into their sand holes. Groups of holiday-makers were sitting under large beach umbrellas, eating crabs and clams while others in their bathing-costumes were sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the sea.   I could not stop thinking of the seaside and the pleasure what a summer day can bring .It is Spring and the weather allow us to enjoy every minute . The splash of waves against the rocks, the merry shouting and laughter of people  created the liveliest scenery we have ever seen.The beauty of sea can not be described …its some kind of nirvana ,,,beautiful vision ,enhancement ,passion ,,,love …something which can not be described by words,,,The result is utterly beautiful …  anyone can dream or imagine the sea  and gazing upon it, there are so many  beautiful ideas and theories about sea , in unstinting love of wisdom  and it is the knowledge of such beauty…


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