The dark side of emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – EQ – is a relatively recent behavioural model, rising to prominence with Daniel Goleman’s 1995 Book called ‘Emotional Intelligence’. The early Emotional Intelligence theory was originally developed during the 1970s and 80s by the work and writings of psychologists Howard Gardner (Harvard), Peter Salovey (Yale) and John ‘Jack’ Mayer (New Hampshire). Emotional Intelligence is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the EQ principles provide a new way to understand and assess people’s behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential. Emotional Intelligence is an important consideration in human resources planning, job profiling, recruitment interviewing and selection, management development, customer relations and customer service, and more.

But what happen when the Emotional intelligent became a tool to manipulate others to further their own career ?

Nowadays EI has become an industry in itself -its effective,morale boosting and is good for business.And the concept has spread to the far corners of our planet. EI has become a word recognized,  EI has been debated and reasonably associated within Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism that the concept of EI resonates with outlooks in their own faith.Emotional intelligence is a powerful technique but has also a potential for misuse.The dark side may be in its infancy but it chimes with the experience of business leaders .EI becomes a modus operandi ,a tool that can be used for good or ill depending on the motives of the business leader .EI becomes a controlling tool ,a machiavelic interpretation of manipulating others but also controlling own behaviours and actions.Like a good poker player leaders can disguise inner turmoil with a neutral face or smile convincingly when dealt a hopeless hand.Emotional intelligent people are good in any environment .EI has encouraged leaders to improve their people skills and raise their awareness of emotional issues.The positive side of EI movement is that is helps broaden our concept of intelligence however the negative side of EI is often crass,profit driven and socially irresponsible .


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